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01: Is it free to estimate a price of modeling?
Answer: Yes. It is free of charge. Please inquire freely.

02: How long does it take to manufacture a model?
Answer: It takes about 30 to 60 days to manufacture a complete model. If it is a study model, it takes about 14 to 21 days.

03: Is it possible to check the progress of modeling?
Answer: Yes. We request client to have time to check twice; for the intermediate exam to confirm style of model and the final exam to check coloring of model. Those exams are also checked by photos in case the client finds difficulty to come down to BENA Co., Ltd.

04: What kind of information will be needed for estimation of cost?
Answer: Please provide us with information including arrangement plan, each floor’s plan, elevation plan, and cross section drawing. Please also tell us about scale size. If possible, you can also show us detail drawing, exterior drawing, planting plan, and sketch or CG.

05: Does price of modeling and duration of manufacturing change along with material and scale of model?
Answer: Yes. Our architecture models are mainly made of acrylic and paper. Price will change depending on the material. But the time of delivery will not be affected.

06: Is it provided after service for maintenance?
Answer: Yes. BENA employee comes to check conditions of models, but cost of parts and travels for service will be charged.