Following on from the previous article, the first “Smartphone Stand”, this time, we introduce Bena’s own Face Shield. Although the demand for acrylic is rapidly increasing in the world, such as when it is used as a partition board in stores. There are materials that are similar to acrylic but are not generally known. Such material is Polycarbonate, which is often used in model making.

Polycarbonate is a type of a thermoplastic, but because it is a thin sheet, it is easier to bend than the acrylic and can be easily cut with a cutter. So, this time, we tried to make a face shield mask using the polycarbonate that is also used in the model making. The band on the head part is adjustable and it can be fitted according to the size from children to adults.

In addition to masks, we require to wear goggles (including glasses). The face shield that we introduced this time can be made by anyone as long as they have a polycarbonate and a band, so we hope you can refer to it.